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One thing that we know about the last year is that since COVID popped into our lives, all our relationships have been put to the test. Whether we’ve become closer to people out of an effort to build a sense of community, ended relationships because we realized just how surface level they were, or spent more quality time with our loved ones after realizing just how precious every moment is, it’s safe to say that our relationships (or lack thereof), have been more pivotal and highlighted in our lives than ever before.

That being said, keeping up our relationships has been harder and riskier than ever before as well. While leaving one’s home to gather for holidays or big life milestones hasn’t been worth taking the risk for some, an unidentified mother recently made it clear via a Facebook post that for her, gathering during this time is about more than just celebrating. It’s about loyalty in a relationship.

Posted several days ago, a mother recalled the events of this past weekend when she threw a birthday party for her young daughter. According to her, after immeasurable resources and effort had been put into making her daughter’s first birthday party special, not one of the 50+ people who were invited ended up attending. As you can imagine, being both hurt and shocked that none of her family and friends showed up, she said that after all the times she has tried to be there for others when they needed her, the weekend’s events served as an “eye-opener” regarding who people have loyalties to, what people really prioritize, and where she and her family fall on other people’s lists.

“PSA: FAMILY/ FRIENDS,” the mother’s long message began. “As a lot of you know, my baby‘s birthday party was Feb 6, 2021 and her birthday is Feb 4 (She turned 1).”

“I just want to take a moment to say I go out of my way when it comes to helping mfs/others out, or even just showing up when it’s time. I done checked in on so many of y’all when you were pregnant, messaged or called to check in on how you’re doing, watched folk’s kids, drove over an hour plus to attend birthdays, baby showers, parties, and let people borrow money (by the way I still ain’t seen that sh*t). I have been so many people’s shoulder to cry on/go-to person, helped with bills, gave rides and so much more.”